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February 2, 2008



In This Edition:  Letter from the Editor; Letter from the President; 2008 Board of Directors; Letter from the Vice President; Treasurer's Report; Ask the Trainer; 2008 Fun Show Report; 2008 Trail Ride Schedule




Roxie Vogl


First things first.  We have a new look to our E-Messenger Newsletter.  Why?  Because:  we've had several members who have been having problems receiving their emailed newsletters.  That's unacceptable!  This new format is one more way to troubleshoot the problem.  By simplifying, we hope the reduced file size will allow the email to get through to everyone.  Along with this newsletter, we are sending a separate 'clean' email to you to notify you that the E-Messenger has been sent to you.  'Clean' meaning there are no links for email addresses or websites.  Our intent in doing this is that in the event you do not get your E-Messenger, you will get the 'clean' email and can reply to that email and let us know you had a problem or not.  In the near future, we will be publishing the newsletter on our website and sending to you an email notification that it is ready there for your viewing pleasure, and all these problems will then be a thing of the past.  The site will also allow for a lot more creativity with graphics and pictures.  We are excited about it and hope you will be too.


Note:  The MAPFHA E-Messenger has this past year been sent to all present and past members.  If you are a non-member, this will be the last E-Messenger sent to you.  If you wish to continue to receive the newsletter and be involved in MAPFHA events, please renew your membership by contacting Sandy Reding at


The 2008 Annual Member's Meeting has come and gone.  We had a pretty darned good turn-out, I hear.  That's right, I had to hear about it second hand.  I came down with the flu and couldn't attend.  I was madder than a cat in a wet bag!  There was a good bit of business accomplished and I think everyone enjoyed seeing each other again.  For everyone else who couldn't attend, we have the whole scoop for you here, including the 2008 Trail Ride Schedule.  Giddy up! 


This edition also includes the unveiling of our new regular feature, Ask the Trainer, by Gregg Gallagher.  This is being provided to you as a member's benefit, so please do not hesitate to send in any of your horsemanship or training questions.  Gregg will be pleased to hear from you.


I also want to take a moment here to tell you that I have found myself on a Board of Directors comprised of really great folks.  Our talents and personalities compliment each other very well, and we have developed a solid working relationship amongst us.  To the Board:  I'm really proud of you all.  To our Members:  On behalf of us all, thank you for placing your trust in us.


So here you have it, our first E-Messenger edition of 2008!


Happy Trails on the Smoothest Ride on Earth,






Nancy Drumsta



Greetings Fellow Horse Lovers,


Whew... The holidays are over. It was a busy season!  Well, that being said, I would like to report on our annual meeting held on January 19, 2008.  It was great to see so many great friends and meet a couple new members who made their way through the cold to join us for a wonderful afternoon.  We really missed our secretary at the meeting.  Roxie was down with some winter related illness and I was sad she could not come as she worked so hard to get us all ready for the meeting.


After a great lunch at Major's Sports Cafe we got down to business.  First we discussed any nominations for the National Delegate and motioned and voted to leave this position vacant and ask for nominations again in the fall. My position of President and the Secretary position will also be open for nominations in the fall. Helen Frost graciously offered her services to represent our region at the PFHA national meetings. To be in compliance with existing bylaws, we need to send a national delegate to at least one meeting a year. Our region currently can not afford this expense, hence our decision to leave the position vacant at this time in order to not violate that bylaw.  Helen did indicate that she may be able to fund her trip or find sponsor financing of the trip.  This topic will be discussed further at future board meetings.


At a previous board meeting, Sharon Gallagher resigned her position as show chair but was nominated for the Delegate at Large position at the annual meeting.  It was a unanimous vote in favor of Sharon filling this position.  The Delegate at Large position is not defined with a specific responsibility in our bylaws.  At a previous meeting, the board motioned and voted in favor of this officer creating a trail ride schedule.  The board also appointed Amanda Kerkow to the position of Show Chair vacated by Sharon.   Sharon brings many years of experience being involved with MAPFHA, in one way or another, to her position of Delegate at Large.  And, we are very pleased to have Amanda on board to bring her fresh vitality, knowledge, and talents to MAPHFA!


Reports were given by all board members, and those reports are included in this newsletter.  As an expression of appreciation and recognition for service, we presented gift certificates to our outgoing board members:  past President Lou Zak; National Delegate Ron Graham; Delegate at Large Paul Methven; and past Secretary Anita Veith.  There was also a Certificate of Appreciation given to Jim and Sue Bartels for graciously hosting annual trail rides at their farm for many years.   Look to the Trail Ride Schedule for this year's event.  Thank you, Jim and Sue.


We ended our meeting with a raffle and auction of member donated items which was a great success.  We appreciate the support of participation by so many members.  I would like to thank the following members for their generous donations to the raffle and auction:


Dick and Sue LeCleir

            Misc items valued at $530.00

Cheryl Towner

            Horse halters and lead rope

Sharon Winsness and Gary Hulin

            Horse reins valued at $350.00

Ken and Eleanor Bursaw

            Bath and beauty products valued at $75.00

Sandy Redding

            Misc tack items

Chuck and Jeannie Hauser

            Misc tack items

Jack and Sharon Gallagher

            Misc tack items and feed

Steve Vogl

            Two jackets and a sweatshirt


I hope I did not miss anybody or anything, I would feel really bad.  If I did.... I'm sorry!


We look forward to the future year with great anticipation of all the fun we plan to have. Our first scheduled trail ride is at Crow Hassan Park Reserve in Rogers. Minnesota.  We will plan to ride our horses, have a potluck on Saturday and maybe a fundraiser.


For those of you who are in different areas, please let us know of any rides planned in your areas so that we can post them in the E-Messenger and on the web site very soon!


Stay Warm; spring is right around the corner!!








President /Merchandiser                 Vice President/Memberships

Nancy Drumsta                                     Sandy Reding

550 County Road 92 N                        17820 County Road 6

Maple Plain, MN                                    Plymouth, MN

763-479-6958                                                      612-597-1483                         


Treasurer                                           Delegate at Large/Trail Rides

Chuck Hauser                                                    Sharon Gallagher

6324 Pilsbury Ave. S.                                       7747 River Road S.E.

Richfield, MN                                                     Clear Lake, MN   55319

612-869-5567                                                   320-743-2961                 


Secretary/Editor                              Show Chair

Roxanne Vogl                                                  Amanda Kerkow

6643 125th Ave                                               6445 47th St. S.E.

Clear Lake, MN   55319                                 St. Cloud, MN   56304

320-743-2887                                                 320-743-4589        





Membership and Horse Expo Reports

Sandy Reding


Winter is almost over and before we know it the grass will turn green, leaves will be on the trees and it will be riding weather!!!  A great time to be a horse enthusiast and a Paso Fino Owner!


I want to thank all of you personally who braved the frigid temperatures to come to the annual meeting.  Everyone seemed to have a good time talking about their favorite subject, their Paso Finos.  We had lots of pictures cycling through on the flat screen.  Thank you, Sue and Jim Bartels for putting together the pictures of your ride last October.  What wonderful pictures!  It was great to talk with some of you during our annual meeting.  I felt bad that I did not get around to chat with everyone.  Time came and went and before I knew it all the technology needed to be torn down so we could vacate the room on time.  This summer will hopefully give me some time to talk with those I missed at the meeting.


Membership Information


We have several new members since our last E-Messenger.  I want to welcome Janet O'Brien, JoAnn Rasset, and Clint and Crystal Renken to MAPFHA, along with our other 2 recently new members, Karen Houdek and Kathy Ronning.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to them and welcome them to our Association.  Their contact information is as follows:


Janet - 651-345-2400, Lake City, MN - no email available

JoAnn - 320-963-7276, Maple Lake, MN

Clint and Crystal - 507-732-4001, Zumbrota, MN (Clint), (Crystal)

Karen - 320-664-4407, Lake Lillian, MN - no email available

Kathy - 763-658-4920, Waverly, MN


Membership statistics are as follows:

New members - 5

Membership dues received - 56


At the Annual Member's Meeting, members expressed their wish to have a list of all members and their contact information published in the E-Messenger twice per year.  This was unanimously voted on in favor of doing so.  Therefore, this list will be published in the next E-Messenger newsletter.  Because not all members were present for this vote, in the near future you will be receiving an email from us asking you to let us know if you opt out of having your information included.  So, please watch for that email.


Just a reminder that if you have not renewed your membership with MAPFHA this will be the last E-Messenger you will be receiving.  Our fiscal year runs from October 1 through September 30.  It's never too late to become a member or renew your membership!  If you don't know if you have paid dues for this year please contact me personally and I will look it up on the roster.  I can be reached by phone at 612-597-1483, or by email at:


Included below is the membership form that you can copy.  Please complete the form, enclose a check for your membership dues (check to be made out to MAPFHA), and send the completed form and check to me.  My address is located on the form. 


This year again, dues are as follows.

Single - $20.00

Family - $30.00

Trainer (Individual) - $20.00

Trainer (Family) - $30.00

Vendor - $75.00



Horse Expo News


For those of you that missed the Annual Meeting, we have three (3) Horse Expos that are being held locally where the Paso Fino will be represented.  Rapid City will be held March 7 - 9, Wisconsin on April 18 - 20, and Minnesota on April 25 - 27.  Please visit and cheer our wonderful Paso Fino's on!  I am sure the exhibitors would love to see you and would appreciate your support.


I look forward to another wonderful year of enjoying our Paso Fino horses with other Paso Fino enthusiasts! 


Happy Trails,










Membership Type (please circle one):


$20 Individual

$30 Family

$20 Trainer - Individual

$30 Trainer - Family

$75 Vendor


Name(s): _________________________________________________________

Street:  __________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip:  ____________________________________________________

Phone No(s):  _____________________________________________________

Email(s):  ________________________________________________________


Contact (vendor membership):  _______________________________________

Minor(s) (family membership):  _______________________________________


Membership year is October 1 - September 30 or any portion thereof. Membership dues are payable in ad­vance and are non-refundable.

Membership includes a subscription to the Mid America E-Messenger (on-line newsletter publication).


Enclose this completed application with your check made payable to MAPFHA and mail to:


Sandy Reding

17820 County Rd 6

Plymouth, MN 55447






Chuck Hauser


As of December 31, 2007

BALANCE SHEET                                            ASSETS      LIABILITIES      EQUITY_

Assets - Cash and Bank Accounts

TCF National Bank Ck'ing                                $  199.04                                                      .

Wells Fargo Checking (4392)                               907.67                                                      .

Wells Fargo Savings (show sponsor funds)         2166.93                                                       .

Cash Account                                                       1.11                                                       .

    Cash and Bank Accounts Totals               $3380.68                                                       .


     Liabilities total                                                                               $0                             .

TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                                                                      $3380.68       .



2007 FUN SHOW                                                  INCOME       EXPENSE   PROFIT/LOSS

Auction                                                                  $160.00                                                 .

Classes Registration                                               130.00             $245.49                          .

Food & Beverage                                                    276.00                                                   .

Raffle                                                                     116.00                                                   .

Sponsorship                                                           408.00                                                   .

Arena Rental                                                                                 125.00                            .

     2007 Fun Show & Auction Total                $1090.00               $370.49              $719.51  .



2007 HORSE EXPO'S                                        INCOME          EXPENSE     PROFIT/LOSS

PFHA Matching Advertising Funds                       $300.00                                                     .

MN Horse Expo Stalls                                            50.00           $175.00                              .

MN Horse Expo Stalls Literature                                                    26.13                              .

Mid West Horse Expo Booth (Madison WI)                                    328.62                              .

Black Hills Horse Expo Booth Transportation                                   41.23                              .

Return Frt for PFHA Booth                                                              42.01                             .

     2007 Horse Expos Totals                               $350.00           $612.99               ($262.99) .



2008 HORSE EXPO'S                                             INCOME     EXPENSE   PROFIT/LOSS

3 Horse Stalls, 1 Tack Stall  TOTAL                                           $425.00            ($425.00)



ADMINISTRATIVE                                                INCOME           EXPENSE   PROFIT/LOSS

National Delegate Expense                                                               $815.21                           .

Insurance (BOD Liability Ins.)                                                             920.00                            .

Insurance (Events Liability Ins.)                             $ 25.00                  425.00                            .

President's Mailing Expense                                                                63.53                            .

Interest Income on Bank Account Deposits                4.58                                                         .

Annual Meeting Silent Auction                                 236.32                                                       .

2007 Annual Meeting Expenses                                                        $ 17.50                             .

2006 990 Form (Tasx Exempt Tax Reporting)                                      375.00                             .

2007 Web Site Fees                                                                         240.00                              .

     Administration Totals                                     $265.90             $2856.24            ($2590.34)  .



MEMBERSHIP DUES                                         INCOME       EXPENSE        PROFIT/LOSS

2007 Membership Dues                                     $ 490.00                                                     .

2008 Membership Dues                                        880.00                                                     .

PFHA Membership Fees                                                            $199.64                              .

     Membership Dues Totals                           $1370.00            $199.64                $1170.36 .



MERCHANDISE                                               INCOME         EXPENSE       PROFIT/LOSS

Clothing Sales                    TOTAL                   $774.00            $130.38                 $644.00



E-MESSENGER                                                 INCOME          EXPENSE        PROFIT/LOSS

Ad Income, Printing & Mailing Expense                                                                                 . 

TOTAL                                                              $  0.00              $  0.00                     $  0.00



2005/2006 HEARTLAND SHOWS                        INCOME     EXPENSE          PROFIT/LOSS

Class Registrations (2006)                                 $661.00                                                      .

Show Program                                                      50.00                                                      .

     2005/2006 Heartland Show  TOTAL             $711.00                                        $711.00  .



Note:  The TCF National Bank Checking Account has been closed since this report as it was no longer needed.  The funds were moved into the Wells Fargo Account.


Best Regards,







Gregg Gallagher


Gregg Gallagher is a long time member (and a past President) of MAPFHA.  He has grown up and worked with horses, primarily Paso Finos, his entire life.  Gregg is an accomplished horseman and skilled trainer.  He currently resides in Clear Lake, MN, and is the owner of Thunder Alley Stables where he provides training services and operates his own breeding program.  You can contact Gregg at 320-743-3428.  He invites you to submit your questions to "Ask the Trainer" via email to  This month's question has been submitted by member Roxie Vogl.     ~editor~     



Dear Gregg,


I think I have a good farrier, but how do I know for sure?


Signed, Toe-tally Confused


Dear Toe,


The horse's hoof is no simple matter, and it's no wonder you are confused!  As horse owners, we depend heavily on the farrier.  It is true that as trainers, breeders, or recreational riders, we are only as good as our farrier.  Poorly maintained feet can lose a show or interfere with the sure-footedness of a trail horse.  This is a serious matter.


Before we talk about the skill of the farrier and a correctly trimmed hoof, my first concern is all about relationships.


Your farrier should be willing to listen to your concerns, give you answers that you understand, and will take the time to educate you on the needs of your individual horse.  When employing a farrier for the first time, I want to see that he or she (for the ease of the discussion I'll use the pronoun 'he') is interested in learning about each of my horses.  The farrier should want information about the utility of the animal such as if it is used for show, eventing,  trail riding, etc., and will want to know of any past problems.  For on-going maintenance, there should be an interest in how things have been going since the last visit.  Ideally, the farrier will initiate this part of the examination.  However, if you have a farrier that is the quiet type, be sure to discuss these points and look for someone who is attentive and concerned. 


The other relationship that is important is between the farrier and your horse.  The farrier should come across as having a genuine interest for your horse's well being as opposed to an interest in 'just getting the job done'.  If you have a horse that doesn't stand quietly while having his feet handled, notice if the farrier has the patience to work with your horse to overcome any of these types of issues.  As a professional, there should be a good amount of horse sense on the farrier's part where he knows when the horse is just misbehaving or when there is genuine fear.  The farrier should respond accordingly to help a fearful horse to become comfortable with being handled, or he should be confident and appropriately firm with the horse that just wants to have its own way.


The farrier's experience is important.  Don't be afraid to ask about how long he has been in the business, where he went to school, and of his experience with gaited horses.  I don't want my farrier to feel like he is on the witness stand, but I do want to get a sense for all of this throughout our conversations.


Now let's talk about that hoof.  In fact, your farrier should discuss each individual foot with you.  Pick up the feet and be involved with the examination, especially in the initial months that the farrier is becoming familiar with your horse.  If you have never done this before with your current farrier, now is the time to start.


There are several technical points to be aware of:  Balance, angle, the edge and wall, and the sole and frog of the hoof.


Balance:  Have you ever looked at the bottom of a well worn shoe?  You will see that you wear down certain areas of the shoe more than others because of the way you walk.  This same thing happens to the horse's hooves.  This wear is evident on your horse's shoes, but you can also see it on a bare foot.  The farrier should trim the wall of the hoof according to this wear rather than trimming a uniform amount of say a ? of and inch for example, all the way around.   In doing so, it corrects for the wearing and leaves an even and balanced surface to support the leg.


Edges and Walls:  Once the trimming is done, the farrier uses a rasp to file the edge.  He should not only smooth but shape the edge.  I like to see a nice beveled, not sharp edge.  This reduces chipping and breaking.  The farrier often files up the wall (sides) of the hoof as well.  The very outside of the wall is protected by the periople. This layer protects the moisture within the hoof.  If the farrier files too high up the sides, the hoof loses too much protection. If I see this happening, I want to know that there is a good reason for it; otherwise no more than a quarter of the way up the wall should be filed as needed to create the smooth edge.  There is always some loss of the periople, and there is a product that replaces it. I think this product is under-utilized.  You may want to ask your farrier to use it, especially if you see that there has been significant rasping of the wall.

Sole and frog:   On the underside of the hoof is the sole. This is a concave, thick but flexible padding of hard tissue that protects the sensitive sole directly beneath the bones of the foot. The surface of that hard tissue of the sole "dies" and will naturally flake off.  I have found that many farriers will ignore maintenance of this part of the foot because of it.  I disagree and think the excess should be trimmed away.  Contrary to the argument, this will not hurt the horse when done properly.  It maintains the concave structure and takes the sole of the foot away from direct contact with the ground which helps to prevent soreness.  Removing this excess tissue also exposes the white line that provides the farrier with a visual indication of how deep he can trim the wall of the hoof, and where to set in the nails for horseshoes.

In the middle of the sole sits the V-shaped frog. The frog contacts the ground surface as the horse travels and helps the blood circulate in the foot. This is another area that I often see neglected because the frog will slough off on its own.  However, I like to see that it is also maintained where the excess is trimmed to keep the frog looking neat and tidy.  It reduces the chance of injury and eliminates additional nooks and crannies that collect manure, stones, or other debris. 

Angle:  When the hoof has been trimmed to the correct balance, the angle of the shoulder, pastern and hoof should flow as one.  There should be no abrupt deviation from this line.  Normally there will be a 3 to 4 degree difference from the toe angle compared the heel angle, but this is not always the case because some horses have a heel which grows faster than the toe and to trim to the 4 degree difference could cause lameness.  This all applies to the hind legs as well.  When looking at the leg from the front, it also should be straight.  The ankles should neither roll inwards nor out.  When checking these angles, the horse should be standing on a relatively flat surface, of course.  Also keep in mind that a poor angle may take some time to be corrected over several trimmings.

There you have it, the basics about hoof care and the farrier.  The relationship that you have with your farrier is an important one.  Our farriers are very hard working professionals, and a really good farrier should know that part of their job is to involve you in the care of your horse, be willing to educate you, and have a genuine interest in the health of your horse.  Don't settle for less!

Happy Trails,




Amanda Kerkow


Hello Everyone,

My name is Amanda Kerkow, and I'm the newest edition to MAPFHA's Board of Directors, in the Show Chair position.

Since I'm new, I'll start out with a brief introduction about myself.  I'm 18, almost 19, and I live in Clear Lake, MN.  I've had horses my whole life.  I was introduced to Paso Finos about 4 years ago, and have been hooked ever since!  I have 3 horses, a 25yo Arabian mare named Buffy, Dino a 14yo Paso gelding, and a 15yo American Shetland gelding I call Patches.  I love to go to shows in the summer time with my horses.  When I'm not at shows, I'm out trail riding. 


Well, enough about me, let's move onto our upcoming MAPFHA Fun Show!


We are planning on having another Fun Show this year, which will be held on June 14th at the Clearwater Rodeo Grounds.  This location is easily accessible from I-94, and they have nice facilities with plenty of room for trailers/horses.  There will be 24 classes. We have added two new classes this year:  trail, and jumping figure 8.  Ribbons will be handed out in all our classes, 1st through 6th place.  There will also be 3 championship classes in which we will hand out trophies, neck sashes, and championship ribbons.

This will be a pretty laid back environment, with the focus being on learning & having fun!  We do have a couple requirements, though.  While you don't need to have a Paso to ride in the show, you do need to be a member of MAPFHA, so be sure to join up!  All horses present MUST have a coggins report that is negative; the original copy must be with you.  Your coggins report will be checked at time of registration, and you should register prior to unloading.  Sorry, but any horses without a coggins will be required to stay at the trailer, as per state regulations.  Also, helmets are highly recommended, especially for young children.

In preparation for the show, I have developed an informational website, which can be found at  The Show Bill can be viewed there also.

If you are worried about how to do any of the classes, please go to this site for information!  If you have any questions or need help with the classes, feel free to ask me or send in a question to "Ask the Trainer".  I can be contacted by email at or by phone at 320-743-4589.


In conclusion, I hope to see you at the fun show!







Sharon Gallagher


It's time to look ahead to getting together for our 2008 trail rides.    We are going to start the season off right with a major ride and social event at Crow Hassan Park Reserve, located off of I94 between the towns of Rogers and St. Michael (just NW of the Twin Cities) in Minnesota.


More info for Crow Hassan Park Reserve can be found here: 


The purpose of this ride is an opportunity to get together for fun and to get to know each other a bit better. The details for this event are still being worked out and your input regarding what you would enjoy that day is welcome.  We want you to come for the day or for the weekend, with or without your horses.


Anybody who wants to sponsor any of the other rides below is welcome to do so.  Sponsoring a ride is easy.  Just be the contact person for the ride and if the riders want to hold a pot-luck meal, help with coordinating it. 


You can also add to the list (and hopefully be willing to sponsor) a ride in your area.  We have one Wisconsin ride scheduled and would like to see at least one ride in every MAPFHA State.  Rides in other states have not been scheduled simply because the scheduler (me, Sharon) isn't familiar with the area trails.  To add a ride or sponsor a currently scheduled ride, please email Sharon Gallagher at or call Sharon at 320-743-2961.


See you on the trails!




MAPFHA Trail Ride Schedule, 2008




MAY 2nd - 3rd                       CROW HASSAN PARK RESERVE - Rogers, MN

                                                Saturday afternoon Social & Potluck.  Come for the day or weekend!


MAY 23 - 26th                           PILLSBURY STATE FOREST - PLLAGER, MN

Memorial Day weekend



JUNE 7TH  - 8TH                           SIBLEY COUNTY PARK - HENDERSON, MN

                                       Rush River Rec. Area   507-248-3230


JUNE 14TH                                      MAPFHA FUN SHOW - CLEARWATER, MN

                          Contact:  Amanda Kerkow

                                                                  or by phone at 320-743-4589.




JULY 3RD - 6TH                                       UPPER SIOUX AGENCY STATE PARK

                                      GRANITE FALLS, MN




JULY 19th - 20th                           RUNNING DEER RANCH - ROCHESTER, MN

                                          Jim & Sue Bartels' Ranch 507-282-8315



AUGUST 2nd - 3rd                      FORT RIDGELY STATE PARK - FAIRFAX, MN




                             END OF THE TRAIL CAMP GROUND

                  for any of the week or weekend

                                              608-337-4738 or 520-275-7420 (winter months #)



                                              TOGO MN, TOGO HORSE CAMP

                                                 Labor Day weekend  218-254-7979



SEPTEMBER 12TH - 14TH                      ZUMBRO BOTTOMS - THIELMAN, MN

                                 If bridge is completed






OCTOBER 17th - 19th                                          HAY CREEK - REDWING, MN







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